PA's Public Universities Need Our Help!

PASSHE Chancellor Daniel Greenstein is talking up a plan to consolidate some of our State Schools but make no mistake: his plan could gut these schools and their host communities.


Just See Greenstein's Own Words & Actions!

“There’s just not room for 14 fully comprehensive, residential, traditional public universities in the state. Not, not room. There’s not demand that can continue to sustain them given the operating model which is one which relies on 75 % of our revenues coming from students, student tuition and fees.”

Already, the Chancellor is cutting programs, jobs and opportunities for students. Staff, coaching and faculty jobs are being eliminated, with rural schools taking the worst of these layoffs. The Journalism Program at IUP will be eliminated as a result.


If Left Unchecked...

Students & Families

will have fewer options.

Hundreds of Businesses

in vibrant college towns will be forced out of business.

Communities With A State School

especially in rural areas, will be devastated.

More Layoffs

will put hundreds of coaches, faculty and staff out of work.


What We Can Do

What We

Can Do

We need to provide more access to higher education – not less. Especially in our rural communities and as we continue to fight back from COVID-19, we must give students every chance to succeed – and that starts with a high-quality and affordable college education.

Join Save Our State Schools by CLICKING HERE and help protect these schools, students, and communities. The PASSHE Board of Governors, lawmakers and Governor Wolf need to step up and protect this incredible asset.


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